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Cleveland Cavaliers

The preseason begins

By admin Published: October 11, 2006

--After watching Shannon Brown in summer league in Vegas back in July I was pretty sure he could help the Cavs in some capacity right away.  After watching him in last week's scrimmage and last night's relatively miserable preseason opener I feel even stronger that he's got the potential to be a solid rotation player.  However I am also convinced it won't be happening anytime soon.  Mike Brown, as reason dictates, is going with Damon Jones and David Wesley in that position for the foreseeable future.  Last night Brown didn't come into the game until the starters were wearing T-shirts and flip flops in the third quarter.

--One thing Mike Brown tossed out there last night that I'm pretty you won't see in the regular season is Wesley, Damon Jones and Eric Snow on the floor together.  I thought all three played alright in the game but, eek, that lineup was ugly.

--Anderson Varejao struggled a little bit last night.  His stats looked OK (10 points, seven rebounds in 23 minutes) but he was out of position an awful lot.  Most of that is probably just rust and mechanics.  The Cavs were running more pick-and-rolls with him, where he'd set a pick at the top of the key and then run under the basket.  The ball handler would go around the wing, where sometimes he'd get another pick, and hit Varejao alone under the hoop.  I wrote all about this stuff last week.

--From "How the other half lives files," in the locker room before the game the players were discussing which luxury SUV is the best.  Donyell Marshall was going with the Range Rover,  Larry Hughes said it was the Infinity, and Drew Gooden said either would have to be black with black leather seats to get him interested.  I could've injected my opinions on my Jeep Cherokee, but I properly surmised I was out of my league.

--Speaking of Hughes, he made three nice mid-range jumpers last night coming off screens.  He has told me his finger is just fine even though he can't bend it fully, but I was unimpressed with the shooting I've seen from him in the limited practice I've seen.  Perhaps he is right, we shall see.

--Following the game, Wesley and Jones were watching the Rockets-Grizzlies preseason game and both were wondering who was running the point for the Rockets. I informed them the man was                                   Vassilis Spanoulis.  It's too bad LeBron James was conducting interviews at the time, he probably has some unkind memories of "Billy" Spanoulis he could've shared.  Or perhaps not, because none of his Team USA teammates seemed to know who he was back in August.  By the way, Billy V didn't exactly wow them down in Houston last night, he had four points and five turnovers in 21 minutes.

--From the new media seats in the second deck I was actually able to see the scoreboard for the first time.  Boy, the Cavs are shameless in the way they try to goad fans into going to the concession stands.  In between baskets they show close ups of vendors pouring beer and people walking around with food in the concourses.  They ought to just do what that Yankees do in the Bronx.  When a half inning ends, a large Budweiser sign behind the outfield wall lights up.  I've never seen as much drinking at a sporting event as in at a Yankees game, so the understated approach must have some value.

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