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The story behind the story

By Jason Lloyd Published: February 23, 2011

So I was driving all over Avon Lake and Avon Tuesday morning looking for driveway salt when I flipped on WKNR and heard good buddy and former ABJ sports writer Brian Windhorst talking about the NBA. When he said the Cavs had a major deal on the table for their trade exception, I immediately knew my day just got a little more interesting.

I began calling around to see if anyone else knew anything. After speaking to about four or five well-informed people, here's what I have deduced: The Cavs have a couple of offers that would be considered "major" moves involving the trade exception, and major in this case means taking on a big contract. But the odds any of those deals get completed by Thursday seem remote right now.

As for which offer Brian was referring, I can honestly tell you I have no idea. Brian didn't know the name of the player or team, either. I had a pretty well-connected guy throw out a name last night, but until I get more substance behind it, I'm not going to just start firing blindly. That's a good way to quickly lose credibility.

Now none of this ran in my story in today's Beacon Journal because I didn't deem it newsworthy. As has been noted multiple times in this paper and elsewhere, the Cavs have been one of the most aggressive teams in the league. They have cast plenty of lines around the NBA looking for a bite. Until a confirmed name or a team surfaces, I can't go around writing about every rumor that pops up on the Internet or radio. This is the exception because Brian's opinion is so well-respected and his information is always spot-on.

But my articles in the paper can only be about concrete items with names/teams attached that seem to have merit. Right now, there are multiple deals on the table regarding the trade exception, but no real teams/names leaking out. Again, at this point, it seems remote at best something major gets done. Of course, all of that can change in the next 30 hours.

Just wanted to give some insight as to why the The Really Big Show, probably the most popular sports talk radio show in Cleveland, blew up yesterday with a potential major Cavs move, but nothing about it appeared in print. There are reasons behind it, and I'd be happy to discuss it more in future blogs if needed.

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