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Cleveland Cavaliers

Things will change in Game 2

By admin Published: June 10, 2007

San Antonio -- Can't speak for all of you, but this series is already getting a little tiresome for me.  Oh, there's only been one game played?  Wow, you could've fooled me.  Two days with this much attention makes the analysis and conjecture reach a saturation point pretty quickly.  So the Cavs couldn't stop Tony Parker in Game 1, OK everybody knows.  So Tim Duncan is good, everybody knows.  LeBron James didn't play well, got it.

One way or another there's going to be different things to talk about and evaluate after tonight's game.  So don't forget everything you saw in Game 1, but please don't dwell on it too much longer because I simply can't take it anymore.

Here's a few things to chew on...

--Larry Hughes seems to be a little peeved that he's getting so much blame for the Parker domination in Game 1.  He pretty much said today if the Cavs don't want to play him anymore he's fine with it, but until then people should get off his back about it.   He also said he only guarded Parker about four times in Game 1.  Larry, I feel ya on the first point, Parker is a horrible mismatch for you and it's not fair to ask you guard him, especially with a messed up foot.  But only four times?  He burned you at least four times in the first quarter.  I feel like I have to be the Robin Williams character in Good Will Hunting. If I keep saying to him "It's not your fault," maybe he'll break down.

--Sounds like Mike Brown is planning on using LeBron and Daniel Gibson a lot on Parker and maybe even Sasha Pavlovic.  The goal will be to use big guys and give him space so he has trouble getting good looks at the basket and will take jumpers more.  This is a total pick your poison choice and Brown knows it.  The Spurs were shooting almost 40 percent on 3-pointers in the playoffs before they missed a boat load -- many of them going in and out -- in Game 1.  Parker will happily kick the ball out and so will Duncan.

--Today people were asking LeBron if he was "rope-a-doping" the Spurs in Game 1.  I was like "huh?"  Sorry, maybe this dates me as being too young, but I had no clue what the heck a "rope-a-dope" was.  I just assumed it involved a late night tactic at a Country Western bar.  Apparently, it is a boxing term made popular by Ali when he'd let a George Foreman-type pound him and then explode with a flurry of punches.  LeBron, a boxing fan, knew what the question was and gave an average answer.  However, as I point out here, LeBron does have a history of laying low in Game 1s and then adjusting as playoff series advance.

--Of all the things that need to happen for the Cavs to win Game 2, and there are a lot, Zydrunas Ilgauskas returning for form has got to be high on the list.  If nothing else, Z should be able to rebound, especially against the Spurs, who are not a good rebounding team.  Other than LeBron, that's the key guy for the Cavs.

--This is the point it's gotten to as well all wait for the Finals to start again: Today after answering questions on The Sopranos and Spiderman 3, a reporter asked  LeBron what he would ask himself if he were a media-type.  LeBron's answer: "I don't know."  My answer: Me either, can we play another game, please?

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