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Cleveland Cavaliers

Third quarter thoughts

By Jason Lloyd Published: October 5, 2010

Cavs 70, Charlotte 62

* Byron Scott has talked throughout camp about the divide within the team. The veterans have grasped the offense, the younger players are still struggling. That has been evident tonight. Guys like Anthony Parker, Antawn Jamison, Ramon Sessions and even Ryan Hollins have played well. Some of the younger guys, like Danny Green, have really struggled.

* I've got nothing to verify this, but JJ seems a little thicker and stronger this year. He muscled through two guys to get to the basket. Didn't make it, but drew the foul. I'm not sure last year he would've been strong enough to get through it.

* Cavs went small at the end of the quarter with Boobie, Jamison, AP, JJ and Jamario Moon. No height, but great athleticism. It won't work against every team, but keep that lineup filed away. Quick enough to give some teams in this league problems.

* JJ has done a lot of good things tonight and he's made some awful decisions on offense. Sound familiar?

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