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Cleveland Cavaliers

Third quarter thoughts

By Jason Lloyd Published: October 7, 2010

End 3Q: Wizards 61, Cavs 53

* That only looks like a halftime score. It really is the end of the third quarter. Absolutely brutal game filled with missed shots, sloppy offense and confusion on defense.

* After hearing so much about JJ Hickson's new mid-range jumnper, I sure haven't seen it yet. I've seen him shoot a lot of them, though. As Byron Scott said earlier today, "Anybody can take shots." Making them is a different story.

* Ramon Sessions hasn't done much offensively (2 of 9 FGs, 0 of 2 FTs), but has very quietly grabbed eight rebounds.

* John Wall made his first three baskets after starting the night 0 for 9. At the end of the quarter, he got from one end of the floor to the other faster than Usain Bolt. I think I said this before, but he is sick quick.

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