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Cleveland Cavaliers

Touchdown: Secaucus

By Jason Lloyd Published: May 17, 2011

So I just arrived at NBA Entertainment headquarters in Secaucus, N.J. for tonight's draft lottery. Trust me, if you weren't looking for this place, you wouldn't find it. I WAS looking for it and STILL couldn't find it.

The only thing that gives the building away tonight is the small Jerry West logo on the side of the building and the 27 blacked suits standing out front, none of whom have smiled since their 7th birthday.

They have tents and canopies set up for post-lottery interviews and a buffet spread straight out of a New York restaurant. Not bad. I'll be updating the blog throughout tonight's activities and I'll be in the room for the actual event when the pingpong balls are pulled from the hopper. But we'll be sequestered with no phones or computers until the live television program airs, so don't expect any updates until you watch the results for yourself.

There are rumors Kyrie Irving will be attending tonight with his agent, but I haven't seen him yet. Makes sense, since Irving is from New Jersey.

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