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Cleveland Cavaliers

Training Camp: Half Way Through

By George Thomas Published: October 13, 2009

Two weeks remain in the Cavaliers' preseason and there are a couple of things worth noting:
Shaq and LeBron are showing that they're developing that elusive thing called chemistry.  While Monday night's exhibtion game against Greek team Olympiacos felt every bit like a preseason fling.  Those two got to work toward the end of the first half showing that they should indeed be able to mesh.
One thing to note, however, this doesn't look as if it's going to be the Shaq and LeBron show solo.  Judging from the way the team is playing, this will be an ensemble effort - as much as it can be when you have someone like James on the roster.
Why do I say that?  Just looking at the way they play.  James loves to find a streaking Anderson Varejao cutting to the hoop.  Monday night, O'Neal, whose passing skills have gone unnoticed by yours truly until now, did the same thing.  Varejao will get his share of shots if he remains active around the offensive side of the ball.
Anthony Parker more than once shown that he's as advertised - you can toss him the ball breaking to the outside and he can drain a jumper with little problem.
The Cavs' first unit toyed with Olympiacos and that was without Mo Williams.
That's just the first unit.  If you look to the bench, the ssecond unit could potentially start in the league.  This Cavs team with Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Daniel Gibson, J.J. Hickson and, should he return, Delonte West , gives the Cavs their deepest team ever.
Hickson is someone fans should watch once the regular season begins.  If he ever plays defense and does the little things that coach Mike Brown stays in his ear about, he's going to be a hell of a player.  The Cavs drafted him on athleticism and potential.  Both could yield huge dividends in the coming season.

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