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Tuesday practice update: Gee fine, no one panicking over Irving

By Jason Lloyd Published: December 27, 2011

Alonzo Gee has experience at falling on his head. That's why he knew he was fine Monday night when he lost his grip following a dunk and crashed hard on the back of his head and neck. Turns out, Gee also slipped and fell on his head following a dunk in high school.

"I've done it before, so I knew nothing was wrong," Gee said. "I hopped up and kept playing."

Gee knew he had been called for traveling, but wanted to finish the play anyway. He went up for a powerful dunk and lost his balance, crashing hard to the court. Fans gasped, Tristan Thompson wrapped his arms around his head and even coach Byron Scott thought Gee may have been seriously hurt.

The highlight has been replayed on ESPN all day, but Gee hasn't seen it yet.

"I don't want to watch it," he joked.

He didn't need any medical treatment today and said he doesn't even have a headache.

"When he walked in (Tuesday), I asked him if he was all right and he was able to answer," Scott said. "We felt he might be OK."

In other news...
Ramon Sessions didn't mind coming out of the game with 5 1/2 minutes left on Monday, even though he was playing much better than rookie Kyrie Irving. Sessions had 18 points and six assists, while Irving finished with six points and seven assists, but shot 2 of 12 from the floor.

"That's what the young fella is here for. He started the game and he is going to finish it," Sessions said. "The young fella is really talented. You guys have seen that. That’s his job. He’s the starting point guard. He’s going to finish the game."

Scott thought for about two minutes whether or not to finish out the game with Sessions, but reiterated on Tuesday he wants to see what Irving can do with the game on the line.

Immediately upon entering, Irving hoisted a long, ill-advised jumper that clanked out, then he had the ball stolen from behind by DeMar DeRozan after grabbing a rebound with two minutes left. Earlier in the game, he gambled on a steal attempt when Jose Calderon had the ball exposed. Calderon spun around Irving and the Raptors wound up with an easy layup.

Scott said he understood why Irving went for the steal, but didn't like the gamble. He also didn't like the long jumper Irving took in the fourth quarter, but did like the way Irving demonstrated he wanted the ball and wasn't afraid of the moment.

"It's one game," Scott said. "He's going to get better."

Omri Casspi had a fairly miserable debut, too. Gee was playing so well and Casspi was struggling so much, he played only seven minutes in the second half. He missed all four shots he attempted.

"It was a tough night for me and my team," Casspi said. "I wasn't as focused as I wanted to be. You get slapped in the face and you have to bounce back tomorrow."

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