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Updated: ESPN: LeBron's Staying?

By George Thomas Published: July 7, 2009

Welcome to As the World TurnsChris Broussard now reports that James is denying Ariza's comments.   Back to holding your breath Northeast Ohio. 
It would be odd for James to deliver such a promise when he's allowed himself wiggle room in past statements.
Had he done that, he loses any leverage he has with the team going into free agency. 
Original post:
According to Chris Broussard of, LeBron James told Trevor Ariza in a meeting that he plans to be in Cleveland after 2010.
If true, the most significant news coming out of this year's free agency period has to deal with next year's most coveted player.
It could have all be a recruiting ploy to Ariza to sign here, but many have long speculated that James had little interest in the bright lights of New York or other places as long as the Cavaliers organization was doing what was necessary to build a championship caliber team around him.
Of course things can change and the one thing that's always been obvious in James' answers when he answers questions about his future is the fact that he leaves himself some wiggle room.
Only time will tell on this one.
You tell me, does it make sense?

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