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Waiters, Irving support return of Mike Brown as coach

By Jason Lloyd Published: April 17, 2014
Waiters, Dion alone
Dion Waiters said he wants Mike Brown back as his coach. (AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek)

INDEPENDENCE: Dion Waiters gave the strongest endorsement of any Cavs player when he said he wanted Mike Brown to return to maintain stability within the organization.

“I’d like to see coach come back,” he said Thursday. “We’ve been together for a year. The ups and downs he stuck with us, we stuck with him. … I don’t think we need any more changes right now.”

Waiters and Brown didn’t always agree. Waiters never seemed to fully embrace his bench role, while his inconsistencies drove his coach crazy. But they seemed to reach some sort of understanding during the course of the season.

Kyrie Irving also supported the return of Brown.

“I’m pretty sure Coach Brown will be back, which I’m happy about,” Irving said. “Until anything happens, I’m not worried about any coaching change or any organizational change, players leaving or anything like that.”

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