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Cleveland Cavaliers

Wallace likely out for Game 3

By admin Published: May 9, 2008

Ben Wallace got a complete check up at the Cleveland Clinic today. The Cavs released the following statement:
"Cavaliers forward/center Ben Wallace experienced dizziness with 8:20 remaining in the first quarter of the Cavaliers game last night at Boston and did not return to the game. Exams and testing done at The Cleveland Clinic today determined that he has allergies and a viral inner ear infection in his left ear with dizziness. He is currently listed as doubtful for Game 3 versus Boston tomorrow night (Saturday) at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland."
Take it from someone who had a left viral inner ear infection back in October, they are no fun. I ended up needing minor surgery to clear out fluid so I could hear and fly again. Ben's symptoms are different than mine and it's not clear how long Ben will deal with this but often dizziness can take awhile to go away. So can inner ear infections.
It appears Anderson Varejao will get the start and defend Kevin Garnett. This is not ideal, but Varejao did a solid job on Garnett at times in Game 2. With the thinner frontcourt and the offensive problems, if I were Mike Brown I may consider going small with LeBron at the power forward and shooters all around him. It would make it harder for the Celtics to stay big because it would force them to stretch the defense. But I'm just an observer.

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