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By admin Published: January 7, 2006

Curious about your opinion why LeBron's season high in offensive rbs is a mind-blowing TWO this year.  Not only is that the worst of the top 50 scorers in the NBA, but almost all PGs in the league have done better this year.  I know he is asked to do many other things by Mike Brown, but playing 40+ minutes, he should "luck" into more then he does...he is 6'8 240, extrordinarily quick, and can jump out of the gym.  His athletic ability, size and minutes, dictate that TWO offensive rebounds is just not getting it done.  I know it is a crime to criticize LBJ in Cleveland, but come on, this stat is really bad, and frankly shows a lack of hustle.


BW: Steve, you have a point but I don't think it's a big deal.  Most scorers don't offensive rebound much, especially guys that take a lot of jump shots.  Of the top 15 scorers in the NBA, only two average more than one offensive rebound per game, LeBron averages a little less than one.  He is at the low end, but I don't think his game is worse because of it.

I was wondring the relationship reporters have with Coach Brown and do you get light hearted moments where you can suggest things. Who Mike Brown chooses to replace Larry Hughes is another critical decision and Damon Jones is not the answer . This would be a perfect time to see what Luke Jackson can do because he has the mentality as a starter and I know it is college but he never is in a shooting slump and could emerge like Chris Mullin.

Steve in Arizona

BW: I can suggest things to Mike, but if I were him I wouldn't listen to a reporter or a fan.  Right now, Brown has little faith in Luke Jackson.  I know people want to see him play and I promise you he wants to play, but right now I don't sense Brown is anxious to give him lots of minutes.


I read today that Zendon Hamilton was released this afternoon. Not a hugh move when you look at it obviously, but is there more to it? I know his contract was guaranteed through the rest of the season if he made it past Jan 15th, was this simply a move to free up space for Varejao or are there other moves involved with this?


BW: Cavs did this to free a roster spot and to save a little green.  Now they could trade one player and get two back.  Hamilton was headed for the inactive list with Varejao coming back and there's already a big on there, Martynas Andriuskevicius.

I've developed a funny little habit this Cavalier season. I just can't help watching the bench for funny little moments, facial expressions, reactions to the game, etc. during replays, timeouts, foul shots, and any other slow moment. Those basketball players, they make me laugh sometimes. Besides LeBron's excessive nose picking and nail biting, and Z's complete blank stares, one other thing sticks out to me every time. No matter what part of the game, how close the score, Coach's words of wisdom during time outs, and even the noisy starter announcements at the beginning of the home games, Anderson Varejao and Sasha Pavlovic never stop talking to one another. It makes me laugh, a lot. They lean over people, shout across the bench, and tap each other on the shoulders all of the time. You have to wonder what it is that they have so much to say about.


BW: Andy and Sasha talk about what any 21-year-olds would: women, sex, video games, cars, basketball and the GDP ratio differential between Brazil and Serbia and how it relates to the definition of international and multicultural middle class.
Hello Brian, Happy New Year.

Drew impressed me on Saturday but he does not always play thay way. Do you think he can be traded for a more tough minded forward? Someone who comes to play everyday. Sometimes he plays like he dosen't care about whats going on on the court. Like he's lost Can he be traded?


BW: I think Drew always cares, he just sometimes loses focus because that's his weakness.  Oh yes, he can be traded but I'm not sure you can get back a proven, young, big man like he is.  We'll see.
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