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By admin Published: February 8, 2007

I can not imagine why Hughes is playing mad.  I love the kid but give me a break he is making lots of money (some are calling it the worst free agent signing in recent years), he most of the time gets his 36 minutes where he gets his 15 shots a game...I do not think a true point guard helps this team at all.  James will still start the offense 50% of the time and unless this new true point guard can actually hit a shot then it is no different than Snow.

BW: Larry is somewhat bothered because this isn't what he thought he was signing up for.  I'd guess the Cavs feel the same way.  The great point guard debate of '07 continues.  When LeBron starts the offense in the halfcourt, he's usually easier to defend.  I believe he'd be better catching the ball on move more and posting up more, I think. 

Since the Cavs don't make the free throws when they get the call, I would think that Mike Brown has much more important things to worry about than the officiating.  -W.E., Bradenton, Fla.

BW: I've always felt complaining about officials is a cop out.  But it is easy to see why someone can be frustrated just moments after a game.

Get off of Snow's (set of male reproductive organs) already. You're starting to get as bad as Sheldon with Casey Blake. -Mike

BW: Ouch man, very ouch.  Hey, he's the only true point guard on the team.  I wrote way back in December that the Cavs have to replace him to maximize potential.  So, OK, he shouldn't be starting.  But just because he's not starting doesn't mean the PG situation is solved.

The question: is Larry Hughes even tradeable?, Bad contract, injury prone, 13 point scorers usually don't get much on the open market except another bad contract, at this point I would even take Zach Randolph, at least he scores 20 between his arrests and fights. Your thoughts?  -Brent

BW: Anyone is tradeable.  The question is whether you can get back so-called "equal value."  As for Zach Randolph, a few years ago in Portland I had to make way for his posse at the Rose Garden after a Cavs-Blazers game.  I hadn't seen anything like it until the conga line outside Bongo's Cuban Cafe in Miami last week.   

Do you think the Cavs could actually sign or draft a guy who does not feel the need to hug, smile at, or chit chat with the opponent before, during or after the game?  If not draft a guy programmed in such a way, how about a coach who instills some sense of that in his players?  -Ken

BW: Yeah, especially since they probably just saw each other when they closed the club at 5 a.m., right?  Just kidding, just kidding.  This is the NBA lifestyle, Ken.  It's a good point, but it is just the way it is.  If they weren't being friendly on the court, it would just be at dinner, the club, or the card room the night/early morning before.

This from old coach Lewis Seikel, who saw the blog post about how he made me hate the jumper:

I'm glad you learned well.  Nothing has changed.  This year at the first 7th-8th grade practice I watched the tallest kid on our team shoot nothing but three point shots in warmups.  Any guess on how many he's taken since then?  As for the Cavs, defenses win championships, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to play a good half court offense.  -Coach Seikel

BW: I told you he was fiercely sarcastic, didn't I?  And also right about the Cavs.  By the way, he almost never played me.

It makes no sense to criticize Gibson when he is doing exactly what is asked of him.  If there are criticisms to make it is the decision way back in the summer when they decided not to get a player to take the ball out of James and Hughes' hands.   Or you can blame Mike Brown's horrible execution of his system where the two stewards of the offense routinely take bad quick shots and overdribble to the point where Steve Francis gets jealous.  -Michael, Cleveland Hts

BW: You're right, Mike.  OK, I'm going to back off pointing out Gibson's shortcomings.  I'm just trying to make a point.  I like the kid, I've been writing about him since training camp.  I just don't think he's the answer.

Hey man, was Damon Jones practicing for the 3-point contest last night when he took like six 3-pointers in the same possession?  -Tim, Akron

BW: If at first you don't succeed...DJones needs the practice, I watched Jason Kapono practice off the racks after the Heat's practice today.  Umm, yikes, I can't see him losing.


I will be live blogging Sunday's game with the Lakers.  Put on a chicken!   

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