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Cleveland Cavaliers

Weekend wrap

By admin Published: March 12, 2007

--The Bucks were devastatingly effective at posting the Cavs up.  Ruben Patterson and Michael Redd did it over and over.  With the Cavs' size, this should be something they want.  It is hard to shoot over Sasha Palvovic, LeBron and Larry Hughes and Eric Snow is a good post defender.  Dribble penetration is usually what causes the Cavs problems.  So why was it working?  I am not sure, but the Cavs repeatedly let them get great position.  The Pacers didn't have time to put it in the game plan but the Memphis Grizzlies scout and the Kings scout were watching right behind me.  At one point the Bucks made 18-of-24 shots and 13 of those came from or off a post play of some sort.  I was writing all about this when the Cavs made a huge comeback and I had to delete it and praise Ira Newble.

--Before I get off that, Ira did a nice job, but part of it was the Bucks not being patient and chucking jumpers.  That flat-footed heave 3 Ira made is just how he shoots 3s, by the way.  Not 20-footers, just 3s.  He explains this matter-of-factly, as if it were common.  I have no explanation for this.

--In the final minute again on Saturday, LeBron went to the basket twice to tie the game.  This is remarkable because he'd already hit two 3's to get the Cavs back into the game.  One month ago, I would've put cold cash on press row he would've taken a 3 in Detroit down two as I watched the play develop.  After he made the 3s in Milwaukee, I might've gone double or nothing because he was making them.  Excellent display of intelligent poise.

--I'm not going to talk much about the Pacers game, because it wasn't much of a game.  Two things I wish to point out.  1. The Cavs remembered the old philosophy of going to Z early in the game.  Not a bad idea since he was being guarded by Troy Murphy.  2. I was impressed with the overall defensive energy from the outset.  Especially from Z and LeBron.  Both were very active and it set a tone for the whole team.

--Oh, one more thing.  Whenever Drew Gooden makes his first shot he usually has a good game.  That and when he gets an offensive rebound he almost always wants to shoot.  This is a deal with the coaches.  He doesn't get plays called for him, so when he rebounds he gets to shoot.

--Someone tell Shannon Brown that he doesn't have to jump 10 feet from the basket on a dunk attempt.  It looks cool, but I don't think it's a good idea generally.

--Daniel Gibson is out of his boot, my guess is he's back on Saturday or thereabouts.

--I made a mistake in my story about the Bucks game.  I gave credit to Larry Hughes for the defense on Redd at the end.  Just a mistake on deadline, but it made me look like a total fool considering Mike Brown was kissing Eric Snow just after the game.

--Here's a would rather have your coach kissing players or skipping down the tunnel to the locker room by himself waving to his players to follow?  By the way, Mike told me walking back out by himself after the review while being taunted by the fans was rather humbling.  I would think the replays of him would be more so.  I guess his wife was mocking him as well.

--Try getting from Milwaukee to Cleveland on a Sunday (limted flight schedules) for a 6 p.m. game (which means I need to be there by 4) on the day daylight savings time kicks in.  In my four years covering the Cavs it was the fewest hours between games on a back-to-back.  And I've done them all.  The players had just about 12 hours from when they landed in Cleveland to when they had to be back for pregame stuff.

--So downtown Milwaukee was pretty much shutdown Saturday morning because of a St. Patrick's Day parade.  Ahem, ahem, it's next Saturday!  An extra reason for the fine people of Milwaukee to drink, I assume.

--There was some serious action in the locker room before the game Sunday with the Kansas-Texas game wrapping up.  Most players were watching it on the big screens or in their personal screens in the lockers.  And Dwayne Jones' TV was a D-League game.  That's dedication!  He wasn't even watching it, he was on the floor working out, but it was funny.

--To the friendly blog reader who came up to me at the end of the game at the Bradley Center: Sorry I couldn't chat and seemed rude but I was totally on deadline pressure at that moment.  Don't take it personally.

--I did a little playoff situation breakdown here.  I examined the remaining schedules of the top 10 teams in the East.  Detroit, Indiana and Washington have the toughest finish, Chicago has the easiest.  The Cavs in the middle.  I wouldn't bet on the Knicks.  Check it out, there's interesting facts in there.

--Oh, yeah, here's what I wrote on the Varejao incident. I didn't think it was a big deal at all and I wasn't even going to write about it until Mike Brown and LeBron seemed all serious about it. Whatever.

--I have been asked to request some discipline in the comments section.  This is the time of year when the blog shifts into gear, let's have a discussion of issues and have good, witty and critical conversation.  Let's not turn it into a bad message board.  Otherwise I may have to turn them off for awhile.

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