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Cleveland Cavaliers

What LeBron and I did on our summer vacations

By admin Published: September 26, 2005

LeBron James:
multimillionaire star ball player with famous friends and invites to parties across the world.
Brian Windhorst: beat writer with lots of frequent flyer miles and friends who wish he didn't have an offseason to bother them so much.

Let's break down the summer:

LBJ: Held top-secret workouts at various locations in Akron with fellow NBA players and college hopefules.  Worked on jump shot, stamina, defense.
BW: Held top-secret phone conversations at various locations in my house.  Worked on finding out new coach, GM, players.

LBJ: Hung out in LA, hung out in NY, chilled in Cancun, did tour of Asia where he was mobbed by fans.
BW: Visited 25 states, hung out at Mt. Rushmore, chilled in  Vancouver, did a tour of Aruba where I was mobbed by sunscreen.

Group work
LBJ: Organized bikeathon for kids and 3-on-3 basketball tournament.
BW: Organized poker games and 1-on-1 PlayStation tournament.

LBJ: Donated money, clothing and food to various groups.
BW: Donated golf balls to various ponds.

Big TV appearance
LBJ: Oprah in millions of households
BW: More Sports and Les Levine on Adelphia Ch. 15

Up-coming celebrations
LBJ: Son's 1st birthday.
BW: Blog's 1st birthday.

Best addition to arsenal
LBJ: Larry Hughes.
BW: Olympus WS-100 digital tape recorder.

05-06 season promise to fans
LBJ: Make the playoffs.
BW: Update the blog 3-4 times a week.

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