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When Do You Give Up Your Privacy?

By George Thomas Published: October 26, 2009

Psssttt...Have you heard the news?
Delonte West is in trouble - again.  I wrote the last sentence with a healthy dose of sarcasm and disdain.
According to a report from WOIO Channel 19, West argued with his newlywed wife this past weekend and she filed a report against him for domestic violence.

The two reportedly fought at their apartment when Delonte tried to take her wedding ring off. Mrs. West left their home and headed to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, where she filed a domestic violence report.
Cleveland Police tell 19 Action News there were no signs of abuse or injury. Mrs. West then got on her flight and flew out of Cleveland.
Key words:  "no signs of abuse or injury."  This should be filed under non-story.  The only thing that makes it news is the trouble West has had in the past couple of months.  I understand that he's a public figure, but this borders on frivolous.
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