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Cleveland Cavaliers

Whoa, whoa, whoa

By admin Published: January 18, 2007

Denver -- Let's get a few things straight here because I'm sensing from my e-mail, comments on, and message boards that I've looked at today that everyone is getting a little emotional and delusional.

--Please stop running whatever trade machine you use or speculating about Jason Kidd.  Yes, there's been some reports the Nets would be willing to trade him.  Of course they would, he's owed a crazy amount of money and he's nearing the end of his career.  Would he help the Cavs?  Are you kidding? The guy is a Hall of Famer, of course he would.  But until you can answer me this question, I have absolutely no use hearing or reading any more trade nonsense: Why would the Nets make a trade to improve the Cavs?  Next.

--The Cavs are not a bad team.  They are a good team, a quality team, a team with lots of potential.  They are also flawed, especially offensively and especially especially from the offensive point guard spot.  This flaw is going to continue to cost them games, as every team's flaws are going to cost them games.  I have written this many times before and, dang, it ain't even midseason yet.  After the whole Carlos Boozer debacle a few years ago, Gordon Gund wrote a long and bearing open letter to fans about the ordeal.  Every time he or anyone in the organization was asked after that, they just referred to that letter.  Well, until I see changes I think I should just refer to this blog post and let it stand.  Also, whenever someone complains to me about Eric Snow, I should refer to this.

--Yes, the losses in Seattle and Portland were bad, bad losses.  Pretty much inexcusable to blow the game in Seattle and then forget to show up last night.  But that's what happens on the West Coast, there's bad losses.  It happens every year, that's why they're like 9-34 over the last seven years on this trip.

--That said, the Cavs have missed a chance to put air between them and the Pistons, who keep losing at home.  Is it even a big deal to win in the Palace anymore?'s Buster Olney wrote a great book called the Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty, referring to the events that took place after the Yanks lost to the Dbacks in the World Series.  I may be proven wrong on this at some point, but I can see the evening of Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals being the last night of the Detroit Pistons mini-dynasty.  On that night I wrote this piece about some of the flaws the Cavs found in the Pistons.  It proved to be too late for the Cavs, but the Heat took advantage and then Ben Wallace left and now they are looking more mortal by the day.  Like I said, I could be wrong, but it is leaning that way.  Remember, everyone was picking the Pistons to make their 3rd straight Finals last year and win a second title at that moment.

--After the game Wednesday Mike Brown was as fired up as I've seen him in a year and a half.  Closest I can remember was in Dallas last season after the Cavs blew big leads to the Heat and Mavs on the same road trip.  But that was understandable, those teams were the best in the league.  Not the same with the Blazers.  Anyway, Mike was going on about how the team ought to be embarrassed and ashamed and all that, it was good stuff.  I went into the locker room a few minutes later and many Cavs were just laughing and carrying on.  Guess they didn't feel the same way.  So, they're not worrying about it, why should you, right? 

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