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Yee-ness, D.C. parties and more

By admin Published: April 27, 2007

Washington -- Very little buzz here in D.C. over the impending Game 3, but that is understandable.  While the Wizards tag this town as "the most powerful city in the world," it's also a place that loves a winner and will distance itself from a loser very quickly.  However, again I will say believe the Wizards have a win in them and could make this weekend tough on the Cavs.  Their guards are bound to make some shots at some point.

Some other stuff:

--I wrote a piece for ESPN after Game 2 about Drew Gooden's wackiness, all stuff regular Cavs fans have read from me before.  I focused on Drew's propensity to squeal "Yee!" several dozen times a day, which can mean many different things.  Drew yells it when he's open on the court and his teammates yell it back to him when he makes a shot.  Wednesday night was one big "Yee" fest.  Anyway, a helpful reader tells me "Yee" comes from Drew's hometown of Oakland, where it means you're: "a hella hyped off what you do."  At least, that's what some people say.  Whatever, the Cavs equipment manager Mark "Cobra" Cashman made him shirts this season with "Yee" on them.  I will guarantee you this, if you see Drew about town and you let out a high-pitched "Yee!," you'll get a response, and a smile, from him.
--I usually never write about what players do with their free time, it's not for me to comment or report on.  But this was on Truehoop and in the Washington Post today, so no doubt it will get around and spur discussion.  Regardless of what the reaction may be, this being the playoffs and all, I will tell you that these outings are a common at various road stops like L.A., D.C., Atlanta, and Miami during the regular season.
--I spent some time talking with some NBA "insiders" -- people who work in the league, ok -- today and none of them are impressed at all with the Cavs and they are even less impressed with LeBron James so far in the playoffs.  Not a surprise, the Cavs haven't been all that great and LeBron has yet to do anything all that special.  Overall, I have come to the conclusion many people look down on the Cavs because they don't show the same sort of focus and intensity every night, including LeBron.  There's is a belief that the Cavs and LeBron think they can "turn it on" when they need to.  I cannot deny this viewpoint.  However, while the Cavs have not played their best ball, they have won six straight games and done so without all that much sweat.  Also, I have seen LeBron play his best when he's motivated and rested.  I think he's generally played well in the first two playoff games and there's an entire energy stream he hasn't tapped yet.  I suspect it will be needed in Game 3.
--The one highlight play from LeBron in this series was his block of Darius Songalia on Wednesday.  It reminded me of a play he made when he was a freshman in high school.  It was in the third quarter of a close game against Canal Winchester in the state semifinal at Value City Arena.  There was a turnover and a kid thought he had a breakaway layup.  LeBron had three fouls so it was dangerous, but caught the kid from behind, waited for him to jump, then went over his head and swatted it off the glass.  He got the loose ball, ran down the floor and nailed a 3.  It was one of those moments that blew you away.  Remember, he was 15 at the time.  He had 19 points and 11 rebounds in the game.
--Bad news for you Cavs fans who live outside Ohio.  It was announced that Monday's game will not be on national TV, NBATV instead.  Of course, if you plunk down all that cash for league pass, you don't get it either, which is a crime in my mind.
--In parting, I had a typo in the last blog when I misspelled "shirts."  Sorry if I upset anyone.

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