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Z no slam dunk to return

By Jonas Fortune Published: February 18, 2010

It has been widely speculated that Zydrunas Ilgauskas will return to the Cleveland Cavaliers when and if his contract is bought out by the Washington Wizards.
Well, if he is still a Wizard. Trade deadline rumblings have Z's name being tossed around with a few trade options again (as of 3:15 nothing had happened).
Anyways, a decision to return has little to do with the Cavaliers.  It is now out of their hands.
First, the Wizards have to buyout his $11.5 million contract, which would make him available. Because of a kicker in his contract Ilgauskas earned a rumored $600,000 extra for being traded.
Once he is available, he would be free to sign with any team in the league with the exception of the Cavaliers, who must wait 30 days before they can attempt to resign him.
A buyout must take place before march 1 in order for him to be eligible for the playoffs.
It is hard to imagine Z in any uniform other than the Cavaliers. Its all he knows, but it is up for debate on how he is feeling following the trade.
Does he feel used?
Does he feel like he could have a better opportunity to win a title elsewhere?
Can another team offer more money?
``He’s moving ahead,’’ Ilgauskas’ agent Herb Rudoy said in a phone interview Wednesday. ``He’s disappointed, but he knows it’s a business... He’s heard from several very good NBA teams who want to sign him (should he become available).’’
It looks like everyone will have to wait and see.
"The Cavs took a risk by trading him and hoping he comes back because they have to get through the Lakers to win a championship," Ilgauskas' agent Herb Rudoy said.

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