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Acta more critical after loss to Tigers

By Sheldon Published: June 16, 2011

DETROIT: Usually, manager Manny Acta makes a point of refusing to show emotion or use language that might inflame or be overly critical.

But after today's 6-2 loss to the Tigers, a game in which the Tribe's slump returned after one day, the manager was clearly upset with several of his players.

Of the failure to collect only five hits after a 13-hit win Wednesday night, Acta said, ""I'm just disappointed because these guys aren't making any progress. Some guys have been in a three-month slump, and that is not a good sign.'' [ep

He seemed to indicate that he and his coaches have given enough advice and assistance to the slumping hitters, and now it's up to them.

""They're not doing it,'' Acta said of his hitters. ""They're working on whatever they're failing at. We point things out. But it's not good. Some of these guys are way too talented to struggle for two or three months.'' [ep

It also was clear that Acta wasn't in a forgiving mood with Mitch Talbot, who lasted only four innings, giving up all the runs.

""Once again baseball proved that what you guys like to call momentum is no better than the next day's starting pitcher,'' the manager said. ""He couldn't hold the lead for even one inning. Mitch labored the whole time, and that set the tone right there.'' [ep


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