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Acta wants no part in draft, he'd rather leave it up to the experts

By sstorm Published: June 3, 2011

"A high school position player," he said quickly. "It's so tough to project a kid that's 17, 18 years old. You have a better idea about a college guy than a high school guy. I worked a lot of years in the minor leagues and I've run (into) a lot of those can't-miss or can't-play type of kids where ther's so much time ahead of them to make it to the big leagues. It's very tough to put your head on the line and tell the whole world that a 17-year old guy is going to be a middle-of-the-order bat.

That's why Acta realizes one of the hardest jobs in baseball is scouting.

"It's so easy to say a guy can't play because a majority of the time you'll be right," Acta said. "Because that's what the numbers say. The toughest thing it to put your name and your stamp on a guy you feel is going to be a good player.

"It's the same thing when we were in the minor leagues writing the reports. You're putting your name right next to a guy whom nobody in

the room thinks can play. But you feel like he can play because besides the tools, he's got the makeup...That's the thing, when you put your name right next to a guy that's not considered a bonafied major league prospect, then you have to devlop this guy and prove to everybody else that this guy can play."


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