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Aeros Starters Getting Pounded

By sstorm Published: September 6, 2007

Considering the Aeros only knew who their first two starting pitchers were heading into the Eastern League Southern Division Playoffs, the team could be in some serious trouble. In chosing Chuck Lofgren and Jake Dittler to start the first two games, the Aeros were basically saying these are our best two guys right now.

But Lofgren gave up four runs on seven hits in five innings Wednesday, and Dittler really blew it by allowing NINE earned runs on eight hits and five walks tonight.

Yes, the Aeros managed to pull out a 12-9 victory in Game One thanks to the offense pounding out 16 hits. And as I write this post, the team trails just 9-6 at the end of four innings. "Just" in that the team has time to overcome a three-run deficit if they get back to hitting.

But the fact that Erie has pummeled Akron starting pitchers for 13 runs in the first two games does not bode well for the Aeros. Sure, lefty Jeremy Sowers, who started the season in the Indians rotation, is scheduled to throw today's Game Three in Akron.

But remember he's been demoted to Triple-A Buffalo for a reason. And if he looks anything like the Aeros other "ringer" in flame-throwing Adam Miller did Wednesday (four runs on five hits in just two innings), this could quickly become an ugly series.


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