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AROD answers questions, Pronk denies use

By jcfortun Published: February 17, 2009

Muscle Milk! HGH!

Although A-Rod could currently share comparisons to the guys in the now classic Youtube video "My new hair cut," (I would share a link if it wasn't so vulgar) he did not discuss his new hair cut. How many women he will be with. Nor did he mention Jagerbombs.

Instead, Alex Rodriguez showed up for his obligatory "I'm sorry" press conference today to inform the world how he became so jacked and tan. Well, maybe just the jacked... his orange glow from the Peter Gammons interview wasn't so present.

All kidding aside, Rodriguez seemed to be more honest throughout the interview and answered the majority of the questions thrown his way.

in this interview, AROD said that the steroids, something known on the streets as "Boli," were something he and his cousin purchased over the counter in the Dominican Republic. They then injected each other from 2001-2003. Rodriguez said he has never taken HGH.

"My cousin and I, one more ignorant than the other, decided it was a good idea to start taking it. We consulted no one and it was pretty evident that we didn't know what we were doing. We did everything we could to keep it between us. I stopped taking it in 2003 and haven't taken it since. I stopped taking it for several reasons. In 2003 I had a serious neck injury and it scared me half to death. I was scared for my career and my life after baseball. Second after players voted for a mandatory drug policy, I realized how serious this all was and I decided to stop then."

Boston Globe baseball reporter Nick Cafardo live blogged the entire press conference, which is worth a read.

Westchester Journal News Yankee beat writer Pete Abraham already has up some reactionary thoughts form the press conference today. Those can be found at hits link.

I have been reading Abraham since this story broke and he seems very weary in his ability to trust AROD.

And for our local angle,'s Anthony Castrovince has Travis Hafner defending himself and declaring he has never taken steroids. Judging by a few of the comments on Prospectus post, that one might intrigue a few folks.


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