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Cabrera retiring after season? Story says yes, he says no

By Sheldon Published: February 22, 2011

GOODYEAR, Ariz.: A report on the Web site ran a story Tuesday quoting a newspaper article in Orlando Cabrera's native Colombia saying that he planned to retire after the season.

Cabrera denied the story, explaining that someone had misunderstood or had mistranslated his words from Spanish to English.

According to Cabrera, he did a lengthy radio interview for a sports-oriented station in Cartagena that was picked up by the newspaper El Universal. The Web site took it from there.

""I was misunderstood (by the newspaper or the translator for the Web site),'' Cabrera said. """"What I was I was trying to say is that I'm the only guy in my city to play in the big leagues for any length of time.

""With me signing so late, people (back home) got anxious that I wouldn't play. What I said is that one of these years, I won't be going back (to the majors), but I want to go out on my on terms.

Public relations intern Matt Whewell is leaving the Tribe for a full-time position with USA Swimming in Colorado Springs.

Travis Hafner is injury-free, but his playing time might still be subject to certain limits, as it was last year when Acta determined that the DH shouldn't play more than four days in a row.

"'We have to monitor his volume,'' the manager said. ""We don't want him to wear down.''

What that means at this point isn't clear, nor does the manager have to make a decision now. How Hafner reacts to spring training drills and the exhibition season will determination how much rest Hafner gets.

""We'll see where he's at the end of camp,'' Acta said. ""He's going to get some days off against certain left-handers.''


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