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Feller no-hitter remembered in photo

By Sheldon Published: March 4, 2010

GOODYEAR, Ariz.: -- Bob Feller arrived at the Indians' camp today and spent an hour or two signing photos made from a painting of him throwing an Opening Day no-hitter against the White Sox in 1940.

It was the only Opening Day no-hitter in history, and since this year is the 70th anniversary of the event, Feller will accompany the Tribe to this season's Opening Day game, which happens to be in Chicago.

Feller also had photos of the battleship Alabama's baseball team, on which he played during World War II. The reason for the photos: A reunion in Mobile, Ala. will be held for those who served on the ship during the war. Why Mobile? The Alabama is docked there and serves as a museum. Feller, of course, is planning to attend the reunion.

Several members of the South Korean media were on hand to quiz Shin-Soo Choo. Baseball fans in Korea -- and there are many, especially in Choo's hometown of Pusan -- became anxious at the suggestion that Choo might choose to avoid returning to South Korea to fulfill his military obligation by staying in the U.S. and possibly applying for citizenship.

Choo didn't really say this, but others implied it. If you are unaware of his predicament, at the end of this year, Choo is obligated to serve in the military for two years, which would severely cut into his baseball career.

It is possible that Choo can get an exemption from service if the South Korean national team, on which Choo can play, wins the Asian Games tournament in the late fall. Otherwise, he will have a tough decision to make, one that probably will disappoint his fans at home.

Friday's exhibition opener against the Reds will be televised on STO at 3 p.m. (EST) and broadcast on WTAM-AM (1100) radio.


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