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Francona on pitch counts, Carrasco

By Sheldon Ocker Published: February 16, 2013

  What value does Terry Francona give to pitch counts?

  Like most managers, he thinks they help gauge a pitcher’s fatigue, but he is not a slave to them.
  “”It’s one of a lot of different ways to protect your pitcher and keep track of his work load,’’ Francona said today.
  He has learned not always rely on pitch counts.
  “”They can be a little false,’’ he said. “”What but they do – when you know your guy – is when he get to a certain point, you think he better be doing this.’’
   Pitchers can have easy innings and tough ones. Not all pitches are created equal, and a starter who has breezed through seven innings might be fresher than a pitcher who has struggled through three innings.
  “”Pitch counts can be overrated,’’ Francona said. “”Part of it is how strenuous the pitches are.’’
   Carlos Carrasco continues to impress Francona, even thought he’s coming off elbow reconstruction surgery. 
   “”It looks like the hard work paid off,’’ the manager said. “”I’m trying not to get too excited, but it’s hard not to.’’
  Nevertheless, Carrasco does not have a guaranteed spot in the rotation.
  “”There’s going to be a group of guys who fight it out,’’ Francona said. “”But with his stuff, the ceiling is up to him.’’


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