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Cleveland Indians

Fukudome new Tribe leadoff hitter

By Sheldon Published: September 10, 2011

   CHICAGO: Kosuke Fukudome's appearance in the leadoff spot Friday night wasn't a one-day experiment. Manager Manny Acta said today that Fukudome probably will remain at the top of the order for the rest of the season, displacing Grady Sizemore.

""The reason is that since Grady is not going to play on an everyday basis, I feel it's better to have stability in the leadoff spot with a guy who is going to play every day,'' Acta said. ""Grady probably will play three times a week until the end of the season.''

Siizemore is playing today and batting fifth, behind Jim Thome.

Why use Fukudome to lead off? He often batted near the top of the lineup with the Cubs and proved he could get on base.

""Fukudome plays the get-on-base game a little more than when he's down in the lineup,'' Acta said. ""That's what I've noticed. He sees more pitches.''






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