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Gardenhire makes veiled threat against Tribe

By Sheldon Ocker Published: July 3, 2013

KANSAS CITY, Mo.: Who knew that when Ryan Doumit of the Twins scored in the ninth innning of a 5-3 win over the Tribe on June 23, the play would end in controversy.

Minnesota manager Ron Gardenhire claims that catcher Yan Gomes was illegally blocking the plate, causing Doumit to sprain his ankle, and that retribution might be forthcoming.

""That's one of those not good plays in baseball,'' Gardenhire said on his Minneapolis radio show. ""Doumit ends up spraining his ankle and we're pretty upset about it.''

Gardenhire goes on to describe what he saw: ""We had a great view from the dugout, and the catcher didn't have the ball and at the last second he stuck his foot back on top of home plate.''

The replay shows that Gomes didn't block the plate at all with his body. Nor did he move his foot back on the plate at the last second. He had his left foot on the plate long before Doumit got there. Doumit mwrly tripped over the catcher's leg.

Nevertheless, Gardenhire said, ""It's kind of one of those unwritten rules that blocking the plate without the ball or trying to trip somebody -- (you look for) payback.''

In response to Gardenhire, manager Terry Francona said, ""I've known Gardy for forever. I looked at the play 15-20 times to be fair. I didn't see that. Gomes never blocked the plate. If I thought there was something there, I would give him a call.''


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