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Indians general manager Chris Antonetti's comments on last night's triple play

By Marla Ridenour Published: July 2, 2014

Here's what Indians general manager Chris Antonetti said about Tuesday night's 7-2-4 triple play by the Indians at Dodger Stadium that included two replay challenges.

After Michael Brantley caught a fly ball in left and his throw home nailed Dee Gordon at the plate, catcher Yan Gomes hesitated to bait Yasiel Puig to go from first to second, then threw to second baseman Jasn Kipnis to try to get Puig. Puig was  called safe, but that was reversed after Tribe manager Terry Francona's challenge. Then Dodgers manager Don Mattingly challenged the call at home, but it was upheld.

Q: What did you think of the triple play?

Antonetti: "Glad we had replay. I’ve been consistent in supporting the increased replay. I know no system’s perfect, but it helped get two calls right last night. That’s ultimately the goal of the system. By and large that’s been the effect this year. I imagine there will be some tweaks moving forward. But we have a better system now than we had last year."

Q: What were you thinking when Mattingly came out?

Antonetti: "This could get interesting."

Q: If the home plate call had been overturned, what would have happened?

Antonetti: "I think it would have still allowed our challenge at second base to happen, a continuation of a play, anyway. They would have just gotten thrown out at home and there would have been two outs.

"If the out circumstances were different, it would have been interesting. What they would have done with the runner if that was the third out at the plate and the runner had gone to second base? Gomer, he basically stopped the play. The runner (at the plate) is out, he wouldn’t have made the throw to second base. Then would you have given the runner second?"

Q: You have to keep an eye on Puig.

Antonetti: "He’s an aggressive baserunner."



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