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Indians Jason Giambi's thoughts on MLB's latest suspensions for PED use

By Stephanie Storm Published: August 5, 2013

Q & A with Indians DH Jason Giambi on MLB trying to clean up PED use:


“Like I’ve said, we’ve been going in the right direction for a long time. Human beings are going to make mistakes. But it shows that major league baseball’s doing everything they can to go in the right direction. It’s an unfortunate thing. It’s not something you want to, hopefully, keep going on. But like I said, you’re dealing with human beings and they’re going to make mistakes. The biggest thing is we’re going in the right direction and hopefully, this is a start of another thing. And hopefully, it’ll keep getting better and better.”


On the suspensions being handed out and the players accepting them:


“I think there’s consequences and we’re seeing these consequences have actions. Like I said, they made mistakes and now hopefully it’s just gonna keep going.”


Think today’s suspensions will be a deterrent to future use?


“I don’t know all the facts. I don’t think anybody knows all the facts. Until you really see it all laid out. It’s not really for me to comment on that.”


With the Rangers and Nelson Cruz and the Tigers with Jhonny Peralta, do you think it can create a distraction that maybe you guys can take advantage of?


“Like I’ve said, there’s not going to be one guy whose going to be a distraction on a ball club. If your playing well as a club, you get around those distractions.”


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