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Cleveland Indians

Indians manager Terry Francona appreciates how Tribe weathered 1st-half losing skid

By Stephanie Storm Published: July 13, 2013

Like all major league teams, the Indians experienced their share of ups and down during the unofficial first half of the season that is considered the stretch before the upcoming All-Star Break.


“I like the idea that we play however many innings that were supposed to – nine, 10, 11, whatever,” Indians manager Terry Francona said. “They always play and they seem to care about each other. What we do in the first half makes the second half potentially exciting…We need to play better in the second half, but we can.”


With Francona at the helm for the first time, the Indians started the season strong before a rough nine-game road trip to New York, Detroit and Texas at the beginning of June that included a season-worst eight-game losing streak.


“(Pulling out of the skid) was big because that was a tough road trip,” Francona said. “You can spin it a couple ways, and we try because you want to keep positive, but when you lose eight in a row, that’s hard. That wears on everybody. But we picked ourselves back up and we kept going. Wish we would have picked ourselves up quicker, but that’s the way the game is.”


OPTIONAL WORK – The Indians will hold an optional workout in Minnesota Thursday for any players who feel “a little rusty” following the All-Star Break. Beginning Friday, the Tribe hits the road for a six-game road trip to Minnesota and Seattle.


BIEBER FEVER - All those young, screaming fans lining up outside and milling around the plaza between Quicken Loans Arena and Progressive Field before Saturday’s game weren’t there looking for any autographs from Indians players.


Instead, all the pre-game commotion was due to Justin Bieber playing nearby at The Q.


“I'm so disappointed,” Indians second baseman Jason Kipnis quipped to a reporter about missing out on attending the popular concert right across the street. In the pop star’s honor, several of his hits were played on the Progressive Field PA system before the game.


But the biggest disappointment may have come a little earlier in the afternoon when a throng of giddy girls mistook the Royals bus pulling into the area for Bieber’s.


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