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Indians manager Terry Francona not worried about set-up man Vinnie Pestano's struggles

By Stephanie Storm Published: May 26, 2013

BOSTON: Indians pitcher Vinnie Pestano lay on a small massage table just outside of manager Terry Francona’s office Sunday morning in the cramped shoebox that is the visiting clubhouse at Fenway Park.


Pestano was in the midst of a massage while Francona met with the media for his daily pre-game question-and-answer session. But with the lockerroom being so small, the office door was left open despite Pestano within earshot when Francona was asked about his set-up man’s recent struggles.


Pestano hasn’t been the same since recently coming off the disabled list with elbow soreness. More proof came Saturday in his four-run eighth-inning meltdown that led the Tribe’s 7-4 to loss to the Red Sox.


Yet, if Pestano were worried about his place on team, those concerns were likely (at least) temporarily put to rest with his skipper’s comments about him.


“I think I said it to Vinnie, and I might even have told (the media), that when he comes back, there might be a little rust and he’s gotta shake it off,” Francona said. “Like a hitter with a track record, this is a pitcher with a pretty damn impressive track record the way he competes, the way he cares. So I wouldn’t want to run away from him, I just want to help him.” 


However, it’s been hard to determine exactly what Pestano needs. He said after Saturday’s outing that the velocity on his fastball was down to 87-88 mph from his usual 92-93 mph. Yet, he said he’s not feeling any pain. 


“I’m trying to throw as hard as I can,” Pestano said Saturday. “The only thing I can equate to it is I took two weeks off without throwing and arms do tend to regress a little bit. It’s not spring training where you can build arm strength throwing bullpens every day - you can’t wear yourself out like that. I’m trying to pick and chose my moments through catch play and stuff to make it stronger.”


Trying to build up his arm strength is essentially what Pestano had been doing – albeit in live games.


“It’s like in spring training when guys are throwing, they have to build up arm speed,” Francona said. “That’s what he’s doing now. Like a hitter when you’re not (batting well), your swing is long. Well, right now that’s how he is as a pitcher. But it’ll be fine. There’s not any medial issues, we already got through that. We just gotta get him back to being Vinnie.”


But now – at least until Pestano is back up to speed – Francona made it sound like he’ll do so for the time being without it coming in situations where a game is on the line.


“We’re in pretty good shape,” Francona said. “We’re good. We’ll do fine. We have a good bullpen. We have so many different ways to go that on days when somebody’s not available, I don’t ever feel handcuffed.


“And that’s an unbelievable feeling, I remember days here (in Boston) where we had (Daniel) Bard and (Jonathan) Paplebon and although we had some other guys, trying to maneuver to get to those two guys (was tough). Right now, we’ll send Cody (Allen) or (Bryan) Shaw or (Matt) Albers or Rich (Hill) out there. We have a ton of confidence in all of them.”


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