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Morning roundup

By jcfortun Published: March 23, 2009

Alright, the season really needs to get here. The beat writers seem to be cycling material at this point.'s Anthony Castrovince and the PD's Paul Hoynes wrote about Josh Barfield and how he has had a busy spring training. Thye are both worth a read, but isn't exactly crisp news.

Sadly, the same photo was used on their respective Web Sites as well. I am sensing some Single White Female type stuff going on with those two. Or maybe it's just Jeter and A-Rod?

Yet, where the real nuggets lay is in Castrovince's blog:

The Indians, iffy in the rotation, have to be encouraged by Anthony Reyes' spring. Not only has he avoided any trouble with that right elbow, but his ERA is now a miniscule 0.75 after his fourth outing today. He went five scoreless innings, allowing just two hits with two strikeouts.

Kind of figured this all along, but I can't help but doubt Jeremy Sowers wins the fifth starting job. He's just far too inconsistent.

I don't want to steal Castrovince's thunder anymore, but he has some great stories straight from Bob Feller on his blog as well. It's a definite read (click the link above).

Ryan at Let's Go Tribe has a good break down of the remaining roster battles.

Sheldon Ocker talks about what Wedge's lineup may be.

And finally Paul Hoynes writes that Wedge wants his players back from the WBC.

"I'm concerned about them," said Wedge, when asked if he knew how much work they'd been getting. "Choo has played one game in right."


"We have to get them prepared," said Wedge. "We have to get some at-bats, some back-to-back days. We'll have some work to do. We'll have to sit down with them and put a program together."

DeRosa should be on a plane back today, after team USA was eliminated last night. Choo will play in the championship game tonight as his native South Korea takes on Japan.


I really think Fox senior baseball writer Ken Rosenthal has taken this entire WBC thing way more seriously than the players.

While the WBC is cool and I like it, I still get the sense that its spring training for a lot of American stars.

For that reason, I get the sense that, while they do care, It's still spring training and they are still doing a lot of tinkering.

Rosenthal completely ripped apart manager Davey Johnson today.

While it may be warranted; will anyone even remember these WBC games in two weeks when the season starts?

Unfortunately, in a world where these players are millions of dollars investments, The WBC is a glorified spring training game.

Calm down Ken! you have two weeks to take a vacation before the season starts. I suggest you do so.

If Andruw stays

If Andruw Jones makes the Texas Rangers as a fifth outfielder expect Frank Catalanatto to be the odd man out.

In a left-handed heavy lineup, the Rangers would rather have Jones, a right hander, coming off the bench.

Makes sense. Andruw's quick decline still doesn't.

Who is on the mound?

The White Sox are facing health issues with their fourth and fifth starts: Bartolo Colon and Jose Contreras.

Right now it is up in the air which Chicago pitchers will fill those spots if Colon and Contreras can't go.

Colon -- who I will refer to as The Hungry, Hungry Hippo -- was recently hitting a Barry Zito-esque 87 miles an hour on the gun recently, yikes.


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