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Cleveland Indians

Pre-game meeting sparks Tribe's comeback

By Stephanie Storm Published: August 3, 2012

Despite the tough loss, the Indians players weren’t as beaten down as one might expect with a team dealing with a six-game losing streak.

 Jason Kipnis, who pinch hit in the ninth inning, credited the pre-game team meeting for sparking the team’s bounce back in a game that could have been over after one inning.

“We had every reason in the world to go back in the hole we were in the last five days, but we didn’t,” said Jason Kipnis, who pinch-hit in the ninth inning. “(Rookie starter Corey Kluber’s) head was probably spinning after the first inning, thinking ‘what am I doing here?’ But the way he settled down and got back into the groove, it gave us a chance to win.”

Later, set-up man Vinnie Pestano, who contributed two hitless innings, tweeted a series of thoughts seemingly pouring his heart out to the fans on Twitter.

“Never have I been more proud of my team," he wrote. "Could have folded but came back and battled. No one is more aware about the past six (games) than us. This isn’t a test you can study for or a hobby. It is and has been our lives. Lives forged with blood, sweat and (guts) from young ages.”


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