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Royals 8, Indians 2 — Ryan Lewis' final thoughts

By Ryan Lewis Published: April 22, 2014

Eight final thoughts for the roughly 8,000 fans that watched the Indians lose to the Royals 8-2. 

1. Danny Salazar is not the Danny Salazar of old (last year). His ERA is now 7.85. He's 0-3. He was hit hard again Tuesday night. As soon as KC got through the order the first time, it was all systems go. But after the game, he revealed something that might be a reason for some of his struggles. 

2. Salazar thinks he might be tipping his pitches, namely his change up (he had one crushed for a three-run home run by Mike Moustakas). He believes that sometimes when he throws his change up he tends to open up his glove a little more than normal, thus tipping off the batter. 

3. If so, maybe it explains a little. But that's not the whole story. Not when you're almost giving up a run an inning six months after being one of the most electric pitchers in baseball. 

4. Between Salazar and Carrasco, the Indians are waiting on two tons of potential. The question is how long can you afford to wait and still contend this year? The AL Central looks solid. The Indians are only 9-11 so it's nowhere near close time to worry. But there might be a decision-making timeline drawing nearer each week. 

5. By the way, Trevor Bauer had another quality start tonight and is just cruising at Triple-A Columbus. 

6. It's not impossible the Indians send Salazar down for a portion of this season to work on his mechanics or his approach. Francona wants him to be more aggressive. He has an option left.  

7. Just about nobody saw this game live. There were 8,848 fans in the stands, which is the second smallest attendance in Progressive Field history. Second smallest, ever. 

8. There was no squirrel activity to report. 


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