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Salazar, Francona post-game comments after 2-0 loss to Braves

By Marla Ridenour Published: August 27, 2013

Here’s what Indians pitcher Danny Salazar and Tribe manager Terry Francona said after the Braves’ 2-0 victory Tuesday night in Turner Field.


Q: One pitch, one mistake tonight?
A: I was disappointed in myself. I felt great tonight, but I couldn’t find my release point. Change-up, fastball, slider, everything was up.

Q: What happened on the triple?
A: (Carlos) Santana was calling off-speed pitches, I just didn’t trust myself to throw it. I tried to throw the fastball away.

Q: You did pretty well with first-pitch strikes until that inning?
A: I started the game getting behind in the count on almost every hitter -- 2-1, 3-1, 3-2. The last inning I got a little bit more focus. I saw I had too many pitches there so I tried to get them out quick.

Q: It was your first time with Santana catching you, how did that work?
A: I was comfortable with him. I just didn’t trust myself tonight.


Q: What did you think of Salazar?

A: He just made the one mistake, really … He did a good job. We’re in the position right now where when he has long innings we owe it to him and to the organization to keep an eye on him. There’s going to be a day when we can turn him loose and let that four turn into six or seven, but not right now.

Q: How do you balance winning games with the big picture?
His next start will be in September, that will ease it a lot. We’re coming of an off day so we can manage him. We’ve been able to manage him, he’s only made four or five starts.

Q: What did you think of the bullpen? They didn’t give up a hit.
They were tremendous. They zig-zagged through the rest of the game and gave us a chance because they were so good. That was impressive.

Q: You let 10 guys on base but a lot of it was with two outs. How difficult was that?
In a game like that you have to get a two-out hit and a big hit. I thought Brantley almost did. For a second there I thought he hit it good enough. This is a pretty spacious ballpark.
We’d like to create more opportunities and we’d like to cash in on them. They’ve got a pretty good bullpen. If you get to their bullpen, you can have a tough time. They can bring some pretty good arms at you left and right.


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