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SI report calls Tribe GM Shapiro "overrated"

By sstorm Published: March 4, 2010

One of the benefits (if you choose to see it that way) of the Internet is that seemingly anyone can have an opinion on everyone - even people they don't know.

However, whenever Sports Illustrated's name is attached to something, being a former intern, I tend to sit up and listen.

Today,’s Tim Marchman came out with rankings for the general manager of every Major League Baseball teams. To view Marchman’s full list, just log on to

In the press release it notes that while "there is no objective way to rate general managers", Marchman provides the following criteria he used to create the list:

1) Succeed in achieving an obtainable goal.

2) Don't do stupid things such as signing costly and terrible free agents.

3) Efficiency, which Marchman defines by marginal dollars per marginal wins.

4) Tenure.

With this criteria, Marchman ranked Cleveland's current GM (for the remainder of this year at least) Mark Shapiro as the 22nd best GM in all major league baseball.

The following is Marchman’s analysis.

22). Mark Shapiro, Cleveland Indians

Where Shapiro rates is irrelevant, as he'll be promoted up out of the general manager's position after this season, but he has to be the most overrated executive of the last few years. His Indians were widely praised as one of the best-run clubs in baseball for years, but despite immense reservoirs of talent, they've had two winning seasons in his eight years at the helm, ultimately playing as less than the sum of their parts. No matter how admirable the team's process and structure are, the results just haven't been there.

While I have always admired Shapiro over the years, last year's trades of Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez left me second-guessing Shapiro and the front office staff like no time previous. Sure, I've often disagreed with the team's management over the years, but could usually see their point.

However, as I pointed out in a previous post on a similiar subject, my main anger for the current stat of the Tribe is directed towards ownership, who ultimately pulls Shapiro's strings.

Tribe fans, what do you think of Marchman's GM rankings?


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