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Sizemore wants to move past "embarrassing" photos

By sstorm Published: February 4, 2010

In the visitor's lockerroom at Progressive Field, all but one stall was bare.

The name plate at the top of the locker read: Sizemore.
A few articles of clothing, an Indians hat, a bat and red shoes were strategically placed inside the locker in an effort to make it look lived-in.

Having been kicked out of his real lockerroom down the hall with to a banquet being held in there, Indians centerfielder Grady Sizemore sauntered into the other lockerroom Thursday morning.

The 27-year old walked across the room and promptly stood in front of the locker of props to face the media for the first time this off season, hoping to talk about his recovery from surgeries to his left elbow and lower abdominal wall that prematurely ended the 2009 season.

But it was another prop that a majority of the media wanted to talk about.

"All that's missing is a strategically placed coffee cup," someone said before the cameras were rolling.

Ba dum bum.

The joke was a reference to November internet photos of a semi-nude Sizemore, who took pictures of himself in front of a mirror that were meant only for his girlfriend.

But someone hacked into her email and leaked the photos via the Internet, much to the dismay of the quiet and immensely private Sizemore.

"Right now, I'm doing everything I can to put it behind me," he said. "We all know what happened. I never intended for any of this to be public. This is a private matter, and I apologize that we're even here talking about it right now.

"It's embarrassing. You don't want intimate photos of yourself out there. It's scary something like this can happen."

Yet, Sizemore wasn't fully apologetic.

"I don't feel I did anything wrong," said Sizemore, who quickly alerted MLB officials and federal authorities about the photos in hopes to keep them from spreading. "When everything happened, the proper authorities were involved and handled it appropriately...I let them handle it and went about my business."


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