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Transcript of Indians manager Terry Francona following double-header with New York on Monday

By Ryan Lewis Published: May 13, 2013


Following the Indians' double-header with the New York Yankees on Monday, in which the Tribe won the first game 1-0 and lost the second game 7-0, manager Terry Francona met with reporters. Here's a transcript of his press conference. 

On what he thought of Bauer: “Ya know what, he keeps ‘em off the scoreboard. I thought he threw his fastball more tonight, more effectively than we’ve seen in the past. Off-speed: very good. Gave up the one run early, we had the mishap at first. Then he got a runner on second, they don’t get the bunt down, and he left a two-seamer up. It was supposed to be down and in, it was up, for the double. And then we got him out of there. I’ll tell you what—there’s so much to like about him and he’s still developing. But even in the midst of that, coming up like he does isn’t the easiest thing to do. And he gives us a chance to win every time he pitches."

On the No. 1 thing he’s looking for when Bauer makes a spot-start: “To win. I mean, you want to win. I think we need to keep in mind that when we do call him up like this, in these spot-starts, not to over-do it. You try to keep a routine as much as you can, and our player development people have done a great job of keeping him in line on days and things like that because you don’t want a guy to get out of his routine. And Trevor’s also done a really good job just trying to do the same thing here that he does for his starts in Triple-A and attack the strike zone. When he attacks the strike zone with his stuff, regardless of what pitch it is, he’s gonna be successful."

On Bauer throwing more strikes: “I think some of it is confidence. I think it’s more of a mentality as he matures of just attacking the zone and having that mentality, which I know we talked to him the last time he was here. And he spoke of that. It looked to me like today, he tried to do that."

On what Nuno did well: “He threw strike one to just about every hitter. It wasn’t always fastball—breaking ball, change up. Worked ahead in the count. He came in enough late in the count., he’d throw a cutter. Pitching 101. Doesn’t overwhelm you with a fastball or anything but he pitched a very solid game."

On scoring only one run on Monday: "If you woulda told me going into today that we would score one run, not used CP, Smitty, Cody, Bauer or Rich, I’m not sure I would’ve though we’d come out with a split. We had Kipnis’ home run, really, to show for the whole day, and we got a split. Some days are tough. The idea is to be one run better. It’s probably a round-about answer to your question, but guys don’t hit 1.000. Pitchers get you out."

On splitting a double header: “It’s a mixed bag today. We had a lot of baseball. I’ll probably take out of it more than anything that we kept our bullpen intact. You always want to win, but you also know that there is a game tomorrow, and after that. If we keep our bullpen intact, give them a chance to be productive, that’ll be really big for us."

On Hagadone’s struggles: “ I think that comes back to almost the same mentality. When he’s in that attack mode, his stuff is so good, actually don’t really matter about matching him up. Because he can get everybody out. When he starts to feel a little bit for the strike zone, that’s when he runs into problems. He’s still a younger guy and learning, he just needs to stay in that attack mode."


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