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Cleveland Indians

Transcription from Thursday's Interviews before and after game

By Stephanie Storm Published: May 9, 2013

Tribe Closer Chris Perez


Q) Did you think you’ll be playing the 9th inning again?


“No, I didn’t think that at all. I don’t know how they would go about doing that. I really don’t remember the pine tar game, back in I think it was ’86 or ’85. 83? Yeah, I wasn’t even born yet. I really don’t know what the precedence is or what would happen? It’s a tie game so we go back to I’m facing (A’s second baseman Eric) Sogard? But luckily it’s done.”


Q) It worked out for you guys, but something may not have gone the right way. Do you think something needs to change to tweak this so there’s not a problem moving forward?


“I really don’t know. I don’t have all the variables. I’m not privy to seeing what the umpires are actually looking at. I don’t what TV they’re looking at. Until last night, I wasn’t even really sure of the actual process. Who makes the final call? Is it up to the crew chief? Is it a vote? Is there a command center in New York? I’ve heard different stuff.


“But I think we’re all really getting educated in the whole process right now. I don’t know if the process needs to be tweaked, I don’t know if they need to have a direct feed from New York or someplace that’s making the decision without partisan. I don’t know. It’s obviously going to be talked about here in the next few days, so hopefully we get it figured out.


“I don’t think replay needs to be expanded. I like where it’s at on home runs and boundary calls. Just because baseball’s such a fluid game. I mean, there’s no timeouts. It’s not like a tackle and you’re down at the 2-yard yard line. In baseball, there’s a human element with errors and guys tripping over bases and all kinds of stuff – and blown calls. So, unfortunately for the A’s it didn’t go their way but we’re not going to be sorry for it.”   



A’s manager Bob Melvin:


Q) Talk about the Indians play today:


“They’re playing great, can’t do anything wrong. And we’re struggling. That’s what happened. What happened last night shouldn’t affect today. They just beat us.”


Q) You is shouldn’t have affected their confidence. But do you think it did?


“I didn’t, no. No. I mean, I don’t know why it would affect our confidence that a call was blown. I really don’t. Just means the call was blown.”


Q) MLB  release acknowledged call was blown. Give you any satisfaction?


“We saw what we saw last night. Before the statement was made we had a pretty good idea that was the case.”


Q) Is it disappointing that there was no consideration of starting the game from that point? Did you have any hope that they would?


“No. I didn’t think there was any chance at that.”


Q) Why not?


“Because there’d been calls before that have been missed and nothing’s happened because of it.”


Q) What do you think of Colon start?


“He didn’t look awful. The velocity was there, the balls he got in the middle of the plate they hit and they did it the whole series. So, Sometimes the other team just beats you and today that was the case. We had a couple chances early on, and we didn’t come through. And every time they had an opportunity, they did.”  


Q) Did Hernandez or any of the umpires say anything to you about last night?




Q) Do you usually take the lineup card out before games?


“No, I do not usually. But we have a cycle. Today was my day.”


Q) No discussion at the plate while exchanging cards?


“Nope, just ‘hi’. That’s fine by me.” 




A’s Adam Rosales:


Q) On MLB release letting call stand:


“That’s the final decision. I mean, there’s nothing else you can do about it. Once it happened, it happened. It’s over that was yesterday. Just gotta move on from it and continue forward.”


Q) Frustrating to take away personal stat as well as chance to help your team win?

“More importantly, for the team. Would have been big to tie up that game. It would have been huge, especially because our team has momentum. We always get a big hit, come back and grind it out to the end. That would have been a big play for us yesterday.”


Q) You thought you had the big hit?


“Yeah, I thought so, off the bat I did. I really did. I was excited. The thought went through my mind, ‘the game’s tied.’ But like I said, that was yesterday. Gotta move on.”


Q) Think there was any carryover today from being let down last night. Think that lingered today?


“Not really. You gotta let that be in the past and move forward. We’re a resilient ball club that always bounces back. So, we just (have to) move on to the next series and look forward to playing Seattle now.”


Q) What made Indians starting pitcher Scott Kazmir so effective today?


“He seemed to locate the ball well. He had good movement on it. Just his sequence of pitches and he kept the ball down.”




A’s pitcher Bartolo Colon through translator (didn’t identify self)


Q) How do you feel physically?


“He said he feels good. The only problem right now is the Cleveland team is hot, so he tried to be the best he could.”


Q) Do you feel that maybe you left some balls up on the plate & didn’t hit spots you wanted?


“He said he thought the only pitch that was wrong was the pitch the guy, the second baseman (Kipnis), hit a home run. After that, all his pitches were good. They just hit the ball well. They know I throw a lot of strikes.”   


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