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Twins 7, Indians 3 — Ryan Lewis' Final Thoughts from a frigid loss

By Ryan Lewis Published: April 5, 2014

Here are 10 final thoughts for the 10 fingers and toes many of you froze off today to root for the Indians, who lost 7-3 to the Twins. 

1. First thought: It was cold, even in the first row of the press box. People call baseball games "cold" when it's 55. It felt like below-freezing for parts of the day, and it was windy. For those who braved that, bravo. You earned your stripes. 

2. As for the game, it looked bleak—literally—two pitches in, after Brian Dozier took Carlos Carrasco deep for a solo shot. Truth be told, I was actually still in the media dining room finishing a quick dinner and watching on TV when it happened. Things went downhill and the Tribe was quickly down 3-0 and then 5-0 after three innings.

3. It would take a lot of adult beverages to make ya feel better on a day like Saturday, trailing the whole game and freezing. From the sounds of a couple fans behind home plate, many of you decided to test that number. 

4. The Indians, and especially manager Terry Francona, seem to want to give Carrasco every opportunity to flourish. Francona before the game said he wanted Carrasco to take the opportunity he's been given and "run with it." 

5. Francona talked about how he just needs to put it all together. A lot of the tools are there, they're just not connecting. The Indians are also working with him to help with his deception to the plate. 

6. The Indians still have Josh Tomlin and possibly Trevor Bauer to lean back on should Carrasco not be able to find his groove. But for the time being, he has his chance. 

7. The bullpen has done really well (aside from Pestano in the ninth today) but can't be worked this much each time through the rotation. Really, only Justin Masterson on Monday had a solid start. Corey Kluber, Zach McAllister, Danny Salazar and now Carrasco have all put the Tribe offense in a hole. It's been the bats and the bullpen that have won the Indians three games. 

8. So the good news is the bullpen is off to a terrific start, although Francona reminded me today that four games isn't much of a sample size. The bad news is the innings counter needs to taper off soon. 

9. As a fan of small ball, Nyjer Morgan is fun to watch considering he's a spot-and-play center fielder. He's also had two quiet but solid games in a row. On Saturday, he reached base four times (two singles, two walks), presents a strong bunting possibility and brings a welcome energy to the club house. Brantley complemented Morgan after the game, saying he's done a good job of setting the table for the middle of the order. 

10. Twins manager Ron Gardenhire won his 1,000th game today, making him the fiffth active manager to reach that pleateau (Francona is on that list). Francona joked that he wish Gardy had gotten it in the next series and that "It means he's getting old."


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