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Summer Movie Madness: Vote for your favorite blockbuster, see which films reached the second round

By Deanna Stevens Published: April 19, 2017

Bracket update: Our Summer Movie Madness Tournament is hurtling into the Sweet 16.

In a big upset in the Heroes bracket, a fedora and a whip ousted a high-tech helmet and a flying suit as No. 6 seed Indiana Jones toppled No. 3 seed Iron Man.

Meanwhile in the Comedies/Dramas bracket, a real stunner: A No. 7 seed beating a No. 2. Risky Business, the Tom Cruise star-making comedy-drama from 1983 did a tighty-whitie dance all over Bridesmaids, the summer smash from 2011.

Cruise was not as lucky, however, when his aeronautic blockbuster Top Gun was grounded by the stream-crossers of Ghostbusters. The Tom Hanks classic Forrest Gump pulverized Beverly Hills Cop 2, 85 percent to 15 percent.

Bridesmaids was the only No. 2 seed to fall, as Jaws, Spider-Man and Toy Story 3 all advanced. The No. 1 seeds remain intact: Star Wars, Batman, Shrek and Animal House.

Cast your vote below in the next round to help choose the greatest summer blockbuster of all time. Voting in the round of 16 closes at noon Tuesday. Don’t forget to click here and enter the drawing for movie passes after you vote.







Comedies and Dramas


What is the greatest summer movie blockbuster of all time?

Star Wars? Spider-Man? Shrek?

As Hollywood’s summer movie season approaches with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 on May 5, the Beacon Journal is pitting 32 summer smashes against each other for the next two weeks.

You get to decide who should reign supreme.

Can the shark in Jaws chomp Darth Vader down to size? Will Harry Potter’s wand trump Indiana Jones’ whip? And who is the ultimate bracket-busting superhero: Batman or Iron Man?

The full bracket is now online, and will also be published this Sunday in Sunday Life.

First round voting starts today and runs through Monday.

The winning film will be announced in Enjoy! on May 4, as part of our Summer Movie Preview.

Click here to enter to win two Cinemark movie passes to go see a blockbuster of your choice. 










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