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Ohio Utica Shale

Coshocton eco-group holding May 17 drilling program

By Bob Downing Published: May 5, 2014

A press release received today from the Coshocton Environmental and Community Awareness Inc.:

Coshocton Environmental and Community Awareness Inc.



Tim Kettler 740-502-6453


Nick Teti 740-327-6161

Two community leaders featured in internationally acclaimed movie to speak in Coshocton

Coshocton Environmental and Community Awareness Inc. will be featuring Calvin Tillman, the former mayor of Dish, Texas and John Fenton, a cattle rancher from Pavillion, Wyoming at their May 17th event, Living on the Shale at 2 PM at the Coshocton Village Inn, 115 N. Water Street, in Coshocton, Ohio.Tillman and Fenton were first introduced in the award winning documentary, Gasland and will speak and answer questions about the devastating impact hydrofracking is having on the health, property, and livelihood of local residents in their communities and what they are doing about it.They will be preceded by Kari Matsko, a founding member of The People's Oil and Gas Collaborative - Ohio who was herself a victim of fracking related hydrogen sulfide gas poisoning in her home in Broadview Heights, Ohio.At 11 AM Briget Shields will be speaking on behalf of residents around the nation harmed by fracking who were included in the Shalefield Stories publishing project. She will be followed by Paul Feezel who will talk about living in Carroll County, Ohio where heavy industrial fracking operations are underway. A number of faith-based, community action, and sustainable living environmental groups will have tables set up to share information and offer items for sale. Admission is free. Lunch will be available and can be ordered at the website more information about CECA visit the contact page on this site.


This daylong event running from 10 AM to 6 PM was organized by a local non-profit corporation, Coshocton Environmental and Community Awareness Inc. (CECA). This newly formed environmental education and action organization serves Coshocton County and the East Central Ohio area. The event is an effort to raise awareness of the immediate destructive consequences of shale development as well as to underscore the urgent need for concerted action on climate change.CECA was formed by residents of Coshocton and Knox County who realized that if they wanted their concerns for the environment addressed that there was no local group with which they could meet. They came together in January of this year to form an organization dedicated to advocacy for environmental issues and to promote a green and sustainable society that offers a future for our children.


The following excerpt from their website is indicative oftheir concerns and mission.

"According to reports issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change the world's climate scientists have reached three important conclusions: (1), Climate change is real; (2), the predicted consequences are happening; and (3), humans are causing it. It is time for the rest of us to acknowledge that climate change is the greatest threat to survival that the human species has ever faced.Even confronted with the threat of nuclear weapons nations are still able walk away from the brink of the abyss as we did during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the 60's and make the decision not to destroy ourselves.But as we continue to put massive unrestrained amounts carbon into the atmosphere we are setting tipping points in motion which we no longer have the ability to control. The work done by Dr. David Archer, et al finds that, " - climate effects of carbon dioxide releases to the atmosphere will persist for tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of years into the future." (Atmospheric Lifetime of Fossil Fuel Carbon Dioxide, Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences. May 2009.)This greenhouse gas does not just go away if we stop producing it. Once we break the delicate balance of environmental forces that have enabled human existence on this planet there is no quick fix that will save us.The Earth will play out the scenario we have set in motion over a geological timescale that could take hundreds of thousands of years to rectify. Or it could permanently alter the
environmental cycles in ways that preclude human beings.This is not alarmism.We can safely burn only 5000 more gigatons of carbon or we will generate enough CO2 to exceed the 2oCelsius global temperature rise that the world governments have agreed we must never go beyond to avoid catastrophic climate changes. The business plan of the fossil fuel industry is to develop and burn all of the 25,000 gigatons of the known available carbon reserves on the planet; five times more than the acceptable level. Those of us who have love or concern for someone who will be living in the world of 2050 need to examine and challenge the priorities of those who tell us to continue to develop fossil fuel and to impede conservation, green energy and sustainable living."





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