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Akron superintendent's son, another Firestone student suspended because of fight

By admin Published: September 7, 2011

Akron Public Schools Superintendent David James’ son was involved at a fight last week at Firestone High School.

Both students involved in the fight have been suspended for 10 days.

James said he could not comment on the incident, citing federal student privacy law.

School Board President Curtis T. Walker Sr. said James informed him about the incident last week.

“He alerted me initially [to] what had happened, that his son was suspended,” Walker said. “He spoke as the superintendent, but he was also speaking as a parent.”

Walker said an argument began initially on the social networking website Facebook with racially charged insults aimed at James’ son, who is African-American.

“I know from what he had said that some words were used, words that were racial in tone, which we don’t tolerate,” Walker said. “There was a fight that ensued because of whatever the situation was and that was handled by the school and they were both given, I guess, 10 days suspension.”

Walker said he didn’t know details about the fight or about the other student involved.

“It was handled in the proper way and the students were punished for their misbehavior,” Walker said.



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