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Akron teachers get a contract

By John Published: October 4, 2010

The Akron School Board tonight approved a two-year contract that includes no raises for teachers on base pay, potential health concessions to be decided later and new contract language limiting the excuses for absences.

Teachers will receive a one-time bonus of 2 percent of their base pay, somewhere in the range of $1,100 to $1,500. Teachers also get, for the first time, a personal day they can use however they choose.

In exchange for that, however, they'll no longer be able to miss a day of work to:

  1. Attend a ceremony where the teacher or a member of his immediate family is receiving an award of major significance.

  2. Appear with civic, musical or drama groups.

  3. Move into a new house.

  4. Help move a kid into an out-of-town college.

  5. Attend a retirement conference (one per career).

  6. Attend the funeral service of a close friend.

All six unions the district deals with are working under expired contracts, but the Akron Education Association is the largest union and the first one to get a new contract. Agreements with the other unions  likely will follow suit.

Teachers ratified the deal Sunday night with a vote of 97 percent in favor.

The agreement means neither the district nor the teachers will be subject to the ruling of a fact finder, which had been scheduled to hear arguments from both sides on Oct. 13, but is no longer needed.



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