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APS Board endorses Issue 17, Haas votes no

By John Published: October 11, 2010

The Akron Public Schools board voted 6 to 1 in favor of a resolution supporting Issue 17, the proposal to divert a third of the dedicated city income tax for school construction for three years to support safety forces and snow removal.

Board vice president Jason Haas repeated his opposition to the proposal,  noting that the campaign signs he's seen ask for a yes vote on all the proposed city charter amendments, including 17.

The board also passed a resolution making clear they support 17 and only 17 and won't allow yard signs asking for a collective yes vote on the amendments.

Board members supporting the endorsement said the anticipated $60 to $100 million that would be generated by extending the dedicated income tax five years out to 2038 was necessary to ensure that the remaining 19 buildings  in the school construction program get built to the same standards as the 21 already completed (plus the five under construction and the three that are being now being designed).



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