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APS defends itself

By John Published: February 3, 2011

Akron superintendent David James will give his 3rd annual State of the Schools address around noon today to the Akron Press Club. The speech in available online here.

James also issued a statement defending the quality of Akron Public Schools in light of the international coverage of the Kelley Williams-Bolar case:

First, for the entire Akron Public Schools team, it is necessary to address the unfair, often ill-informed reflection on our schools and our city due to the Copley-Fairlawn enrollment affair, which we neither brought nor decided. Stated simply, Akron Public Schools is a forward-thinking, open enrollment school system with examples of real excellence. Students can enter and leave under state law.

In fact, 370 students from the surrounding suburbs attend APS by choice, including 41 from Copley-Fairlawn. We welcome fair competition and sound criticism, but we will prove unfair and uncommitted critics wrong.

Our teaching staff is delivering an increasingly high-quality product. Our ''Race to the Top'' proposal was rated one of the best, being one of six submitted requiring no revisions. We are fully committed to achieving the rank of an effective, then excellent school district.

I've commented on this blog, too, about the unfair criticism of APS based on the assumption that Williams-Bolar enrolled her children in Copley because she thought Akron's schools were inadequate. She has repeatedly said that she was concerned about the safety of her neighborhood, not the quality of her neighborhood schools.




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