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Bogus story on Highland levy making rounds

By John Published: May 6, 2011

A Highland school board member received an email with a fake story about how the district's narrow levy win in Tuesday's election has been reversed because of a count of provisional ballots.

The story appears to be written by the Akron Beacon Journal and has a headline, a Medina dateline and a staff writer byline: Walter Bourquin.

We don't employ anyone by that name and this is not our story.

Medina County has 27 provisional ballots, which must be verified to ensure the voters are eligible. But those ballots, as well as absentee ballots postmarked before the election, won't be opened until May 18 when Medina County certifies its election. If the narrow 11-vote victory holds up, it will trigger an automatic re-count anyway.

The fake story oddly claims that the reversal is because of provisional ballots in the tiny part of Highland that overlaps with Summit County, which does not certifiy its election until May 24.

If you get an email with this fake story, let me know.



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