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COSI brings the slime to Case

By John Published: December 14, 2011

Just got back from Case elementary school in Akron where COSI on Wheels is back in the area with their moblie chemistry show. I shot a video of the same program last March when COSI visited Northwest elementary.

Case PTA parent Sherri Hart is an ExxonMobile chemist who received two $500 grants from her employer for volunteering with the PTA, which enabled the PTA to bring in COSI on Wheels.

The kids had to solve the mystery of the missing slime ingredients by decoding a series of chemistry-related clues left by the thief, ''Arthur Slimerheimer.''  Then they visit various hands-on stations staffed by PTA volunteers where they learn different things about basic chemistry. (Did you know, for example, that a can of diet cola floats but a can of regular sugar soda sinks?)

Finally, they get to make slime (combine two liquids (polyvinyl alcohol and sodium tetraborate to make a polymer) they can carry home in a ziplock bag.

Story coming.



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