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Coventry to try for emergency levy in May

By John Published: February 17, 2010

The filing deadline for the May 4 primary is Thursday and we'll have a story on Friday on what voters will see on their ballots. Coventry will be among the school districts braving the poor economy.  The school board voted Tuesday to take a 6.25 -mill emergency levy to the voters. The levy would raise almost $2 million a year for five years.

So what the heck is an emergency levy? It's a way to guarantee the schools receive a certain amount of money for a certain number of years. In Coventry's case, the levy would raise $1,985,175 a year for five years, according to Coventry superintendent Russell Chaboudy. That means that although the levy will appear on the ballot as 6.25 mills, that's really more a guide. The millage will adjust up or down each year so that it always collects $1,985,175 a year.

In an email press release, Chaboudy writes:

This levy is needed to avoid a $1.2 million dollar deficit for the 2010-11 school year. The district will eliminate fifteen teaching positions along with the director of technology position, reduce some employees hours, close buildings at 4 p.m., cut all middle school sports programs and possibly go to state minimum busing should the levy not be successful.



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